[wg-all] Link posted for OGF32 July 15-18, 2011 Salt Lake City, USA: save the dates!

Alan Sill alan.sill at ttu.edu
Thu Apr 21 12:11:15 CDT 2011

Dear OGF working groups and members: 

Here is the link for OGF 32.  Save the dates!

Salt Lake City, Utah USA
July 15-18, 2011

OGF32 will be co-located with Teragrid 11 in Salt Lake City, Utah July 15-18, 2011.  Teragrid 11 will take place during the subsequent week, July 18-21, 2011, with a day of overlap and possible other working group meetings during the Teragrid week.  (We do hope to get most of OGF 32 done during the 15th-18th, though.)

OGF32 will feature OGF chartered group and BoF sessions, as well as presentations and workshops on various topics in distributed computing. In addition, we plan to host a joint "International Workshop on Science Agency Uses of Clouds and Grids" at the same location on the overlap day between OGF 32 and TG'11, July 18 2011 at the same location. 


Hope to see everyone there!

Just FYI, here are some other upcoming meetings and work:

OGF 33 is being planned for Lyon in September, and OGF 34 is being discussed.  In addition, we have a variety of opportunities for OGF work groups to meet at co-sponsored and joint events that are not full OGF meetings but may allow you opportunities to participate and meet with your working group partners.  These include the IEEE CloudCom 2011 meeting in Athens Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, and closer at hand, a full meeting of all OGF cloud-related groups at the DMTF Alliance Partners meeting May 16-20 in Boulder, Colorado.  There will also be SIENA meetings and other work group opportunities of interest.

Our standards and related OGF documents come from the processes that start at meetings like these, and we are very interested in seeing and promoting continuous progress for the benefit of the community on these work products.  If you haven't taken a look at our OGF output recently, you might be interested in looking at http://ogf.org/documents and noting just how extraordinarily productive you as an OGF community and as individual participants have been lately.  Don't forget also to check on what needs current attention in the Public Comment area!

I hope to see all of you at one event or another.  Please participate -- this is your effort, your productivity and your community!



Alan Sill, Ph.D
Senior Scientist, High Performance Computing Center
Adjunct Professor of Physics, TTU
VP of Standards, Open Grid Forum

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