[wg-all] Final registration deadline for Workshop on High Performance Applications of Cloud and Grid Tools immediately following Globus World 2011 and CCA'11

Alan Sill alan.sill at ttu.edu
Mon Apr 11 02:19:09 CDT 2011

FINAL REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Please register no later than Tuesday, April 12 to attend this event!

Immediately following Globus World 2011 and CCA'11, the Open Grid Forum sponsored by the US Department of Energy office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research would like to invite you to attend the separate Workshop on High Performance Applications of Cloud and Grid Tools (HPACG) April 14, 2011, to be held at the same location.  The event is open to all participants and will last form 8:30 to noon.

About the workshop:

We have attracted a number of talks from high-profile current projects and believe that you will find these topics to be both timely and important.  

We expect to have presentations on the Nimbus and Cumulus projects from Argonne, security and authN/authZ topics from the Fermi Cloud, information on the use of Condor at the scale of tens of thousands of processors running both on Amazon EC2 and on Open Science Grid, recent work from the Open Grid Forum including the recently released Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) and other newly released standards; detailed information on high-speed on-demand networking from Internet2, and use of Clouds for advanced digital library search engines (the CiteSee project).  In addition, we will have a roundtable on current status of these tools to avoid this being simply "another set of talks."

We are very pleased with the quality, type and breadth of the Workshop and hope that your plans (or local proximity) can allow you to stay until Thursday.  Information on the workshop, including a registration form is available at the Workshop site.  Please do register if you plan to attend.


There is no charge for attendance, and we hope you will attend on Thursday morning from 8:30 to noon, with lunch provided.

For the organizing committee,

Alan Sill
Senior Scientist, High Performance Computing Center
Adjunct Professor of Physics, TTU
VP of Standards, Open Grid Forum

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