[wg-all] New documents in public comment

Greg Newby newby at arsc.edu
Sat Jun 28 13:33:56 CDT 2008

Several documents are now in public comment.  Due to some problems
with the Gridforge trackers, we will be extending a few public comment
periods to allow sufficient time for comments.

Please consider reading these documents, and providing your comments
to the document authors via the link provided for each document.

Brief comments are welcome, not only detailed analysis.  Public
comments are an excellent indication of community interest and support
for a document.  A few more document are being processed, and
will soon join these.

* Functional Components of Grid Service Provider Authorisation Service
  Middleware.  Author/editor: D. Chadwick.  Via OGSA-AuthZ-WG.

* OGF22 Data Workshop Report.  Authors/editors: D. Martin, E. Laure,
  J. Replogle.  Via the Data area.

* Policy for Supporting Grid and e-Science Education and Training.
  Authors/editors: M. Atkinson, E. Vander Meer.  Via ET-CG.

* SAGA API Extension: Service Discovery API.  Authors/editors:
  S. Fisher, A. Paventhan.  Via SAGA-WG.

* GLUE Specification v. 2.0.  Authors/editors: S. Andreozzi et al.
  Via GLUE-WG.

* GLUE v. 2.0 - Reference Realizations to Concrete Data Models.
  Authors/editors: S. Andreozzi et al.  Via GLUE-WG.

* Use of XACML Request Context to Obtain an Authorisation Decision.
  Author/editor: D. Chadwick.  Via OGSA-AuthZ-WG.

* HPCBP Advanced Filter Extension.  Authors/editors: S. Newhouse,
  M. Krishna.  Via HPCP-WG.

All documents in public comment may be reached at this Web address:

  -- Greg Newby, OGF Editor

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