[UR-WG] EMI StAR – Definition of a Storage Accounting Record - ready for public comments

Jon Kerr Nilsen j.k.nilsen at fys.uio.no
Mon Feb 13 05:25:36 EST 2012


The StAR document has been submitted and entered a 30-day public comment period, see https://forge.ogf.org/sf/go/artf6532

Please distribute to interested parties for reading and comments.


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> Subject: Artifact changed: EMI StAR – Definition of a Storage Accounting Record
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> artf6532: EMI StAR – Definition of a Storage Accounting Record
> Modified on 02/10/2012 by Greg Newby
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> Tanks for this.  It will next go to 30-day public comment.  Please ask WG members and other constituents to read & provide comments.
> Respond by visiting:
> https://forge.ogf.org/sf/go/artf6532
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> Artifact details:-
> Project: Editor
> Tracker: Submit OGF Draft
> Group: Management
> Status: Public Comment Period
> Category: Informational
> Priority: 3
> Assigned To: Joel Replogle
> resolution: 
> Description: In this informational document the EU-project European Middleware Initiative (EMI) describes a storage accounting record (StAR), defined to reflect practical, financial and legal requirements of storage location, usage and space and data flow. The defined record might be the base for a standardized schema or an extension of an existing record like the OGF UR and this document is intended as information to be taken as input for incorporating storage resources into the OGF UR.
> The described definition is agreed upon and will be implemented by the storage elements within EMI

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