[UR-WG] UR extensions for Storage Accounting and for Process Accounting

Andrea Cristofori andrea.cristofori at cnaf.infn.it
Thu Apr 15 07:44:56 CDT 2010

Dear all,

Other than the discussion on the Storage Accounting, I've seen this 
presentation from the 5th EGEE User Forum:


In particular in the Analysis paragraph:

"To satisfy this new application-level accounting request, gLite 
middleware will require some improvements, to collect and store the new 
information in the EGI accounting repository database. On the other hand 
the new fields to be stored should be agreed and validated by Open Grid 
Forum (OGF) to become part of the UR standard."

Was anyone present at this User Forum and can give us some more detail?

Moreover how should we proceed on the Storage Accounting discussion?


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