[TC-RG] First release of the Daonity system

Wenbo Mao wenbo.mao at hp.com
Tue Sep 5 10:17:17 CDT 2006

The Daonity team of Trusted Computing Research Group (TC-RG) has 
completed the first release of the Daonity system.

We wish that the home location for downloading the open source package 
be under the TC-RG home with OGF, eg,


So far it has a small problem to do so. I am working with the OGF 
officials to sort it out. If we cannot sort the problem out in a couple 
of days, I shall release it under my personal home page as a temporary 

The attached short paper (to appear in 1st ACM Workshop for Scalable 
Trusted Computing) manifests a Daibuty usecase scenario. It is a dynamic 
VO, with a "distributed firewall": no VO member is allowed to 
disseminate the VO discussions to a non-member, and when a VO member is 
removed from the VO, it cannot take away the VO data with it.

In Washington DC (Wed, 18:30-20:00, Location 155), I will do a demo show 
the system in the above usecase scenario.

Best regards,

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