[TC-RG] [wg-all] Mailing List Changes

Andre Merzky andre.merzky at ogf.org
Sun Sep 3 14:03:56 CDT 2006

Sorry for duplicates


As of yesterday, all GGF/OGF mailing lists are migrated to
the ogf domain.  They are now managed by mailman, the web
interface is available at


With that migration, all list can be now reached via


The old @ggf.org addresses will be available for some time,
but are bound to disappear eventually - please start using
the ogf addresses!

A number of lists have changed their names:

  ggf-it             -->   ogf-it
  ggf-office         -->   ogf-office
  ggf-proc-wg        -->   ogf-proc-wg
  ggf-sponsors       -->   ogf-sponsors
  ggf-tutorials      -->   ogf-tutorials
  ggf-compute        -->   ogf-compute
  ggflistowners      -->   ogflistowners
  ggfstudentmembers  -->   ogfstudentmembers

Postings to the old list names get forwarded to the new ones.

With the migration we have also been able to fix the archives
- you may have noticed that list archiving stopped sometime
in mid June.  Well, now its working again, and all mails from 
June to now have been added to the archive.

The list archives can be found at:


If you are an list administrator, and would like to receive
the list admin password, please contact postmaster at ogf.org.
In general, however, we tried to map the old majordomo
settings to the mailman settings, in terms of privacy etc,
so no or little changes should be required from your side.

The spam avoidance policy has been changed to some extent,
and is somewhat stricter than before.  Please let us know if
you experience any trouble with that.

On all questions in respect to mailing lists, or mails in
general, please contact postmaster at ogf.org.

Best regards, 

"So much time, so little to do..."  -- Garfield
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