[tc-rg] Trusted Computing at GGF-14

Andrew Martin Andrew.Martin at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jun 27 10:20:45 CDT 2005

Dear all,

Here's just a note to underline what we are doing on Trusted Computing 
at GGF-14.  Wednesday is the big day:

11:00am -- 12:30pm  Community session  (Grosvenor's Suite)
   "Innovations for Grid Security from Trusted Computing"
   Speakers:  Wenbo Mao (HP)
                Innovations for Grid Security from Trusted Computing
              Feng Bao (I2R, A-Star and NGO, Singapore)
                Secure Access of Medical Data in Trusted Computing Grid.
              Eric Yan (AP VO, Acedemia Sinica, Taiwan)
                 Toward Trusted Grid Computing, Lessons Learned from 

4:00pm -- 5:30pm   TC-RG session  (Regent 2)
   Progress reports and discussion.

   1. Progress report on implementation work
   2. Progress report on Use Case Document and plans for progress
   3. Discusion following Community Track Talks

Looking forward to some good discussions and progress.  See you on 


Inder Monga wrote:
> Hi All,
> Thanks for the interest shown to join the FI-RG project group.
> This is a follow-up to the request Leon sent before on the write-ups 
> before the upcoming GGF meeting. Leon and I are proposing a 1 hour 
> telecon next week to sync up and stir up conversations before the GGF so 
> that the f2f meeting in Chicago is even more productive.
> The agenda for the meeting would be:
> 1. Introduction/comments on charter                             10 mts
> 2. Agenda for the upcoming GGF Meeting
>         Discuss ideas for contributions/presentations           20 minutes
> 3. Discussion on the scope and structure of Document #1         20 minutes
> The proposed date/time is Tue, July 21st at 15:00 UST, 11AM EST, 8 AM 
> PST, 17:00 CEST.
> The telecon bridge details are:
> PSTN Dial-in: 919-997-8152
> Access Code: 2488101#
> Please let Leon or me know your availability, comments on the proposed 
> agenda..
> Best regards,
> Inder
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> Subject: [security-area] Input for GGF-14
> GGF-14 is approaching fast. It took us some time and
> further discussions to get the charter approved by the GFSG however 
> everything is now arranged. The mailing list and gridforge 
> (https://forge.gridforum.org/projects/fi-rg) has now been setup for the 
> group. We still need to be listed on the index pages on the GGF web, 
> however this is being looked at.
> If you like to contribute to our group, please send Inder Monga
> (imonga at nortel.com) a memo so he can add you to our project.
> Before GGF-14 I like to have some structure on the first chartered 
> document.  This document should address the type of issues the grid 
> experiences with several types of firewall-style devices.
> A possible structure of the document could be:
> Name: Firewall Issues list and classification.
> 1. Introduction.
> 2. Definitions.
> Definition of terms used in the document.
> 3. Devices.
> Listing and describing the functionalities of various firewall-style 
> devices to be considered. 4. Issues. Listing and describing the types of 
> issues with examples grid applications see with using devices listed in 
> chapter 3. This chapter may do this
> arranged by
> example. A structure will be analysed in chapter 5.
> 5. Classification.
> A classification and analsyses of the issues described.
> 6. Conclusions.
> Please feel free to comment on the name of the document and above 
> structure.
> If you consider the charter, subsequent documents will analyse various
> standards and
> mechanisms, define shortcommings and maybe solutions. First we look at
> IETF protocols
> and architectures. Another document will consider the other mechanisms.
> Please consider sending me a few lines on the issues you think a 
> important to be covered in this document.  Consider this as input to 
> chapters 3 and 4. Together with the input presented at the last GGF we 
> should try to put some already meat on this document before GGF14.
> Kind regards .. Leon Gommans.

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