[tc-rg] TC-RG set up

Andrew Martin Andrew.Martin at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jun 1 04:30:58 CDT 2005

Dear all,

The TC-RG (Trusted Computing Research Group) is now up and running;
welcome to those who have signed up to the list. Others are welcome to
join (by sending a message to majordomo at ggf.org, saying
`s*bscribe tc-rg'
---replace the * with a u. Majordomo bounces this message when I spell 
it out in full).

We are planning two meetings at GGF14:  Wenbo is arranging a seminar in
the community track programme, with several speakers talking about
experiences so far with TC.  We will also have a TC-RG research group
session, with an opportunity to discuss those topics, and hear about
progress towards our goals.

One of those goals is a use case document.  I'd be pleased to hear from
anyone who wants to contribute a (possible, potential, actual, etc.) use
case for trusted computing in Grid middleware or applications.  I'll
begin to collate these with the ideas presented at the BOF.  Please send
your ideas to the TC-RG list.

Best regards

Andrew Martin and Wenbo Mao.

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