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The 17th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2020)

May 31st - June 4th, 2020, Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

ESWC is a premier venue for discussing the latest scientific results and innovations in the field

of semantic technologies on the Web and Linked Data, attracting a high number of participants

from academia and industry alike.

Follow us:

Web Page: https://2020.eswc-conferences.org/

Twitter: @eswc_conf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ESWCCONF

Become part of ESWC 2020 by submitting to the following tracks & activities!

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In this announcement:


1. Call for Papers - Research, Resources and In-Use Tracks


2. Call for Workshops


3. Call for Tutorials


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Important deadlines:

* Paper abstract submission (mandatory): December 4, 2019

* Paper submission: December 11, 2019

* Workshop and Tutorial proposals due: November 21,  2019

* Workshop and Tutorial notification of acceptance: December 1,  2019

(All deadlines are 23:59 anywhere on earth (UTC-12))

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1. Call for Papers - Research, Resources and In-Use Tracks


ESWC2020 features three main tracks (Research, Resources, In-Use), and recently switched to an open and transparent review policy (see below). This is the first call for papers for each of the main tracks:

Further info:

* https://2020.eswc-conferences.org/call-for-papers-research-track/

* https://2020.eswc-conferences.org/call-for-papers-resources-track/

* https://2020.eswc-conferences.org/call-for-papers-in-use-track/

Call for Papers ESWC 2020 In-Use Track - 2020 ESWC-Conferences<https://2020.eswc-conferences.org/call-for-papers-in-use-track/>
Semantic technologies are reaching maturity on and off the web. The In-Use track at ESWC 2020 provides a forum for the community to explore the benefits and challenges of applying semantic technologies in concrete, practical applications, in contexts ranging from industry to government and science. We are especially interested in applications that use the emerging …

== Open and Transparent Review Policy ==

The ESWC 2020 review process will be open, i.e., the papers and reviews will be made web-available, and transparent, i.e., (meta) reviewer names will be made available as well together with the decision process such as the authors’ rebuttal. The basic principles are:

*    All submitted papers, reviews, rebuttals, meta-reviews, and decisions will be publicly posted on the ESWC 2020 web site upon final notification, including reviewer names. Comments, revisions to reviews (aside of the main update after the rebuttal) as well as confidential remarks to SPC will not be published.

*    The authors can opt in or out of being known by the reviewers reviewers (i.e., submissions can be anonymous)

*    SPC and PC members will be made public by default after final notification. However, PC members can also explicitly opt-out.

*    If requested by the authors, papers and their reviews will be removed from the ESWC 2020 Website 4 weeks after the notification deadline.

*    Reviewers of accepted papers will appear in the header of accepted papers (see here for an example: http://www.semantic-web-journal.net/issues#2018)

== Important Dates ==

Abstract submission (mandatory): December 4, 2019

Paper submission: December 11, 2019

Opening of rebuttal period: January 20, 2020

Closing of rebuttal period: January 24, 2020

Notification to authors: February 19, 2020

Camera ready papers due: March 18, 2020

== Program Chairs ==

Sabrina Kirrane, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

sabrina.kirrane at wu.ac.at

Axel Ngonga, Paderborn University, Germany

axel.ngonga at upb.de

2. Call for Workshops


Co-located workshops at the ESWC conferences are essential meeting points for discussing ongoing work and current results, as well as shaping new ideas and research fields. We particularly invite workshop proposals looking at Semantic Web related topics from an interdisciplinary standpoint, proposals focussing on novel aspects of the Semantic Web and Web of Data, and proposals aiming at gathering existing and forming new sub-communities. We encourage the submission of workshop proposals on:

*        Fundamental technical and theoretical problems of the Semantic Web / Linked Data and Knowledge Graphs

*        Applications of Semantic Web technologies in domains such as Mobility and Smart Cities, Life Sciences, Industry 4.0, Earth Science, Digital Humanities, Law, Media, etc.

*        Key enabling technologies and their adaptation to the needs of the Semantic Web

*        Aspects of Semantic Web research that have been neglected or underrepresented so far

*        Techniques and methods from other research fields that are of relevance for Semantic Web research (e.g., artificial intelligence, databases, NLP, big data analytics, machine learning, human computer interaction, information retrieval, web science, etc.)

*        New emerging topics and areas

In particular, we also encourage the submission of workshops that do not follow the typical workshop format of a mini-conference.

Further info: https://2020.eswc-conferences.org/call-for-workshops/

== Important Dates ==

Workshop proposals due: November 21,  2019

Notification of acceptance: December 1,  2019

Workshop website due: December 18, 2019

== Workshop Chairs ==

Olaf Hartig, Linköping University, Sweden

olaf.hartig at liu.se<mailto:olaf.hartig at liu.se>

Katja Hose, Aalborg University, Denmark

khose at cs.aau.dk

3. Call for Tutorials


ESWC 2020 invites tutorials that address the interests of its varied audience: people new to the Semantic Web, Semantic Web researchers and practitioners that wish to learn new technologies, users of Semantic Web technologies, and representatives of government and funding agencies as well as potential private investors in Semantic Web technologies. We welcome submissions of tutorial proposals on all major topics related to semantic technologies.

We especially solicit proposals for tutorials of the following types:

*    Tutorials with a coherent theme providing an introduction to new semantic technologies, methods, techniques, and trends (e.g. Knowledge Graphs, semantic data integration, reasoning, question answering, ontology-based data access, ontology design principles, provenance and trust, etc.).

*    Tutorials describing the application of semantic technologies in specific domains (e.g., life sciences, e-government, e-commerce, Industry 4.0, cultural heritage, education, mobile, music).

*    Tutorials presenting techniques from other fields that are of relevance for Semantic Web research, including social sciences, digital humanities, biomedical research, HCI, Information Retrieval, databases, NLP, Internet of Things, data visualization, etc.

While tutorials may focus on theoretical topics, we encourage organizers to incorporate hands-on sessions. The tutorial should reach a good balance between the topic coverage and its relevance to the community.

Tutorials can be half-day or full-day.

We suggest having up to two presenters for half-day and up to four presenters for full-day tutorials, preferably from different institutions, contributing different perspectives to the tutorial topic.

Further info: https://2020.eswc-conferences.org/call-for-tutorials/

== Important Dates ==

Tutorial proposals due: November 21,  2019

Notification of acceptance: December 1,  2019

Tutorial website due: December 18, 2019

== Tutorial Chairs ==

Olaf Hartig, Linköping University, Sweden

olaf.hartig at liu.se<mailto:olaf.hartig at liu.se>

Katja Hose, Aalborg University, Denmark

khose at cs.aau.dk

Looking forward to your submissions!

The ESWC 2020 Organising Team ( https://2020.eswc-conferences.org/organising-committee/ )
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