[rm-wg] Integration of GLUE 2 and OGSA-BES

Sergio Andreozzi sergio.andreozzi at cnaf.infn.it
Thu Aug 9 11:09:30 CDT 2007

Hi everybody,

in the context of the OMII-Europe project, we are preparing to 
contribute an implementation of GLUE 2 to be integrated into OGSA-BES 
implementations (info providers will be available for the OMII-Europe 
partners, nevertheless the work can be leveraged for other platforms).

The idea is to implement the GLUE 2 specification draft that will be 
available by OGF 21. The aim is to have a prototype implementation to be 
showed during SuperComputing 2007.

Here is a draft document of the possible implementation approaches. You 
are invited to have a look and contribute for suggestions:


Last notice, I will be on holiday for the coming two weeks, therefore we 
will resume this topic starting from 27 Aug.


Sergio Andreozzi
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