[rm-wg] towards the GLUE and RM integration

Sergio Andreozzi sergio.andreozzi at cnaf.infn.it
Tue Aug 7 04:19:27 CDT 2007

Hi Paul,

thanks for your feedback. I added it to the wiki page together with 
further comments from me. The UML class diagrams have been also updated 
according to the discussion:


there are still some open questions. We can discuss them during this 
week if you are back from holidays, otherwise, after 27 August since 
I'll be on holidays for the next two weeks.

Cheers, Sergio

Strong, Paul wrote:
> Comments
> Q1 -  Different locations only matter if their resources and services
> are managed separately at each location for some reason, for example if
> two locations are a long distance apart and data is only at one location
> and latency is too high or bandwidth constrained, then you may care a
> lot abour co-locating at a single physical location and having a single
> meta-scheduler instance at each location or ensuring that your
> meta-schedular understands location.  This matters a lot at eBay, but
> you may not care for your workload.  If you think you may care in the
> future, then it may be worth capturing this.
> Q2 - I think that Share is two parts, policy and status, associated with
> a new abstraction, that is the set of services exposed to a given
> consuming organization, i.e. the organization that has negotiated the
> share with the admin domain that manages the resources and services.  I
> called this another container, but I am not wed to any name.  I do
> however think it important to identify this new managed grid component,
> which only exists in the abstract, and with which all jobs done by users
> within the consuming organization are associated.  The SLO policy is
> applied to this managed component.  In reality there is only really a
> managing component that ensures that all of the Elements (as described
> by the GLUE group) get an appropriate service level and which aggregates
> accounting information and usage so that it applies to the set of
> users/jobs, not just to an individual user/job.
> Q3 - The notion of element or container, as I put it, is important if
> you want to manage multiple components (services, resources, execution
> environment etc.) related to one thing, i.e. a job.  I think it makes
> sense to have the notion of a container of some sort (whatever your
> choose to call it) that is created by the management software, for the
> job to run "in".
> Q4 - One could consider an Admin Domain to be a managing grid component,
> specifically the common ancestor of all managing grid components that
> manage the life cycle of resources and services within that admin
> domain.  SLA is a sub-class of policy.
> I hope these are helpful.
> Regards
> Paul
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> Subject: towards the GLUE and RM integration
> Hi Paul et Al,
> I made an "unofficial" new draft of GLUE + RM integration waiting for
> your comments on the open issues.
> Before to update the GLUE spec draft, I'd like to sort out a few things
> that I collect in the following wiki page:
> http://forge.ogf.org/sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.glue-wg/wiki/RM2GLUE
> a few notes:
> - attached to the wiki page, you can find new class diagrams
> - please, concentrate on the few questions in the wiki page, we'll move
> to other issues afterwards
> - in the wiki page, you can find another proposal for sequence diagram
> drafted by me, this tries to map OGSA+GLUE concepts into gLite
> components
> I would be happy to hear from you on the open issues.
> Cheers, Sergio
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Sergio Andreozzi
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