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I couldn't make this.  I will comment directly and cc this group


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many of you will have seen this on the OGSA list. This discussion is  
relevant to our work. I will join the call and I hope some you your  
are available. Call details at the bottom.

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> From: "Donal K. Fellows" <donal.k.fellows at manchester.ac.uk>
> Date: 12 April 2007 11:00:16 BDT
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> Subject: Re: [ogsa-wg] Glossary terms for Thursday's call
> Treadwell, Jem wrote:
>> I've uploaded version 4 of the glossary - this version includes the
>> changes for deployment and provisioning, as agreed at the last
>> discussion.  You'll find it at http://tinyurl.com/2mo6r3.
>> For Thursday's call I propose to discuss the following terms, as time
>> permits
>> o        State.  We had discussed this, and Jay has an action to  
>> improve
>> the current proposal.  So far I haven't had a proposal from Jay,  
>> but we
>> need to put this one to bed, so we'll have a brief discussion and  
>> if we
>> don't have a better proposal at the meeting I'll go with what we  
>> have.
>> There will be an opportunity to improve this or any term in the final
>> review.
>> o        Resource, Grid component, and Service.  We had  
>> definitions for
>> Resource and Service in both the OGSA and the EGA glossaries, so  
>> we need
>> to produce a consolidated definition.  Grid component comes from  
>> the EGA
>> glossary.  I've condensed it from the original, but (hopefully)  
>> haven't
>> changed its meaning.
>> Rather than reproduce these terms here please take a look at the
>> working/discussion document, which you'll find at
>> http://tinyurl.com/23a6zd.  These are the first four terms listed,  
>> and
>> the text you'll find is a starting point for discussion. If you have
>> comments and you're not going to make tomorrow's meeting, please pass
>> them on to me; otherwise I'll follow up after the meeting with  
>> revised
>> text for review.
> On the Service definition: I'm concerned that the proposed definition
> constrains a service to be part of a SOA (which to my mind is a
> multi-component architecture where the interfaces between the  
> components
> are characterized by service interfaces, a term I define below) as
> opposed to just saying that this is typically the case. Strictly, a
> service is a reactive software entity that responds to requests  
> sent by
> clients (either through receiving messages or by listening for the  
> start
> of a conversation). A service is also defined by the fact that it
> exposes a particular method of accessing it using a defined set of
> messages and/or phrases in defined patterns; this is the Service
> Interface, and clients of the service only need to know the service
> interface in order to be able to use the service; the service  
> interface
> might make statements about the internal state model of the service  
> (in
> which case the service is a stateful service) but is not required  
> to do so.
> On the Resource definition: Are resources always stateful?
> On the State definition: I think the defining feature of a state (as
> opposed to a configuration) is that a state is capable of changing  
> over
> time, whereas an altered configuration can be said to lead to a
> different entity/component. (There is a separate question of  
> whether the
> set of existing grid components in a grid is itself a state, or  
> whether
> it only becomes one if you have registries of the components, and  
> hence
> the component-set state of the grid is the state of the registries.)
> On the Grid Component definition: I'd like to note that grid  
> components
> *must* have state, minimally to describe their situation in their
> lifecycle, though the state does not inherently need to be exposed to
> all users.
> Trawling through the other definitions, do we need to define  
> Abstraction
> or DAG/Acyclic Digraph? I'd have thought that we could just use the
> standard Computer Science definitions of these. Also, I came up with a
> definition of a Grid (or perhaps it really defines a Grid  
> Architecture?)
> a few weeks ago that might be useful/relevant:
>    A (potentially) inter-organizational dynamic stateful SOA.
> Now, there is one problem with this definition in that it directly
> conflicts with the definition of an Enterprise Grid (I'm really
> suspicious of calling something a grid if it is entirely within a  
> single
> management domain) but the above bit of pithy buzzwordisms does
> encompass a lot of what we're really about. For example, "inter-org"
> means that we want to be both secure and standards-based, "dynamic
> stateful" forces real consideration of management of the state  
> (instead
> of just sweeping it under the carpet, which seems to be the more usual
> SOA approach), and I find it impossible to imagine a grid that does  
> not
> meet the definition of a SOA.
> Donal.
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<===== SLOT 1: STARTS 8am; ENDS 9am CDT =====>

1) Early discussion (10 min)
          Social study (https://forge.gridforum.org/sf/go/wiki1717)
          Note taker assignment
          Roll call
          Agenda bashing

2) OGSA Glossary review

    Jem will send out a more detailed agenda for this slot.
    The goal is to complete the Glossary, closing all open issues by  


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