[Pgi-wg] OGF PGI - F2F meeting in Munich around OGF28 - URGENT

Andrew Grimshaw grimshaw at virginia.edu
Thu Feb 18 10:14:13 CST 2010

I would like to attend any PGI face to face. I do not get into Germany until
Sunday morning, and have both BOD and standards council meetings on Sunday.
I am sure we can get a slot at a room from OGF during the week.


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I am currently attending the PGI teleconference.

Balazs is trying to organize a PGI F2F meeting at Munich.

Would it be possible to have a representative of Unicore on Saturday 13 and
Sunday 14 February at Munich ?

Please update http://www.doodle.com/cc3a5v4yqwb6wrsa

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