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Johannes Watzl watzl at nm.ifi.lmu.de
Thu Feb 18 09:42:00 CST 2010

added Emmanouil to the list of participants

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Betreff: PGI call 2010-02-18 notes
Datum: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 16:37:09 +0100
Von: Johannes Watzl <watzl at nm.ifi.lmu.de>
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Etienne, Balazs, Johannes, Emmanouil


workshop, 13-14 March?
before the OGF would be good
trying to get UNICORE and gLite on board

Open Issues: Questions

Resolved Issues: bottom of the page

Balazs editor of spec: 0.41
contains new new text from Etienne and comments for Aleksandr

nobody should edit the document now til next week - Balazs is doing
editorial changes

question to Etienne according the document

Use cases maybe not in this document? -> to createActivity section

Etienne: agreed

state model
not mention notifications?
don't think notifications belongs to this document

agreed - remove notification

next version of the document is expected by Monday or Tuseday

Meeting notes from meeting two weeks ago edited directly into the document

not sure if they can provide a demo

BES plugin has been coded but has not been put in real production yet

next meeting start going through the questions on the wiki

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