[ogsa-wg] OGSA WSRF BP Interop

Michel Drescher Michel.Drescher at uk.fujitsu.com
Thu May 15 08:39:16 CDT 2008

Hi Rachana,

as you were not on today's OGSA phone conference on the OGSA WSRF BP  
interop effort, we would like to ask your opinion on the following.

On the call the group agreed to change the WSRF Profile's resource  
properties "ResourcePropertyNames" and "WSResourceInterfaces" to the  
WSRF style of Resource Properties.

The group also discussed to proceed with the proposal on the WS- 
Notification issue, i.e. creating a profile-specific topic dialect as  
proposed on the Mailing List (respective E-Mail attached).

Based on your earlier comments we conjecture that you would not  
object, but we would like to solicit that before we proceed.

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and see you on the next call,

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