[ogsa-wg] Definition of "data service"

Dave Berry daveb at nesc.ac.uk
Thu Jul 5 11:17:43 CDT 2007

We invite comments on the definition of "data service" for the OGSA Data
Architecture (and hence the OGSA Glossary).
Currently we're looking at something like the following:

	A service that exposes the capabilities or data of one or more
data resources within a service-oriented architecture.


	A service that exposes the capabilities of one or more data
resources within a service-oriented architecture.  These capabilities
might include data access, data transfer or data management.

We think either of these would be a significant improvement on our
previous definition.  The emphasis in these new proposals is on linking
data resources into an SOA, which fits nicely with the OGSA definition
of a service:

	A software component participating in a service-oriented
architecture that provides functionality and/or participates in
realizing one or more capabilities.

Our previous definition mentioned specific types of interfaces, which we
think is too specific and not resistant to change:

	A service that is primarily intended to provide access to data
stored in one or more data resources. A data service will provide one or
more of the data access, data source or data sink interfaces defined in
the OGSA Data Architecture.

Comments welcome, especially before Monday's OGSA-WG call.
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