[ogsa-wg] [Updated Invitation] roadmap @ 2007-08-27 18:00 - 19:00 ()

Hiro Kishimoto hiro.kishimoto at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 03:13:41 CDT 2007

Details for the following event have changed:

  Title: roadmap
  Time: 2007-08-27 18:00 - 19:00 (Central Time)
  Where: http://ogsa.glance.net/
  Description: When: 7-8pm EDT, 6-7pm CDT, 4-5pm PDT, 8-9am JST, midnight-1am UK

The dial-in number for Monday;
   US:    +1 718 3541071 (New York) or
          +1 408 9616509 (San Jose)
   UK:    +44 (0)207 3655269 (London)
   Japan: +81 (0)3 3570 8225 (Tokyo)
   PIN:  4371991
   See more information:
   - https://forge.gridforum.org/sf/go/wiki1715

Screen share service:
    URL:         http://ogsa.glance.net/
    Usage: https://forge.gridforum.org/sf/go/wiki1584


1) Early discussion
         Note taker assignment
         Roll call
         Agenda bashing

2) roadmap document FINAL review (Chris)

         roadmap v1.1 draft
         - https://forge.gridforum.org/sf/go/doc13733
         Issue Tracker
         - http://forge.ogf.org/short/ogsa-wg/roadmap11

Minutes approval
    Aug. 6 telcon: https://forge.gridforum.org/sf/go/doc14704
    Aug. 13 F2F: https://forge.gridforum.org/sf/go/doc14718

Action Item review

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