[ogsa-naming-wg] RE: [ogsa-d-wg] OGSA-WG F2F meeting back-to-back GGF14

Dave Berry daveb at nesc.ac.uk
Mon Sep 19 11:35:27 CDT 2005

Allen and I had an e-mail conversation about a possible data session.
We think it would make good sense to make use of this opportunity. We
suggest a focus on naming and data resources - e.g. do data resources
bring extra requirements on naming?; does OGSA specify a coherent
framework for naming resources that we can use in OGSA Data?.  

We're happy to iterate on this suggestion.  We invite interested people
to get in touch - we are aware that some of these issues have been
discussed before in other forums and would welcome contributions.


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Subject: [ogsa-d-wg] OGSA-WG F2F meeting back-to-back GGF14

Hi all, and sorry for the cross-posting.

OGSA-WG is planning to have F2F meeting in Boston, back-to-back with
GGF14. The meeting will be held on Thursday (9am-6pm) and Friday
(8am-3pm) at IBM office in Boston, walking distance from GGF15 venue.

The following is tentative agenda items we've listed up at Today's
OGSA-WG call.

- EMS architecture (CDDLM, ACS, GRAAP, RSS, JSDL, BES)
- OGSA-naming session
- Resource Management (info/data model)
- OGSA-BES session
- OGSA-data session (?)

If you want to have another session or any specific day/time
requirements on any of these sessions, please let me know.

I am sorry for this late notice. I am clumsy to organize this F2F
meeting since it is our first back-to-back one.

Hiro Kishimoto

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