[ogsa-hpcp-wg] LAST CALL for HPC File Staging Profile

Blair Dillaway blaird at microsoft.com
Mon Feb 4 17:10:27 CST 2008


I've just read thru this version.  I'm in general agreement with it, but there are number of minor things which should be cleaned up prior to public comment.



-       In 1st sentence replace [ref] with [HPCP10].
-       2nd paragraph "...used as the basis of interoperability testing between systems....". I assume the point of this profile is not just testing. Should it read "...used as the basis for interoperability between client and service implementations claiming compliance"?

Section 3.1
-       I'm confused by 3.1.1, 3.1.5, 3.1.6.  If the JSDL FileName, Source, and Target elements are required to conform to the JSDL v1.0 spec referenced, then how is this defining a JSDL data staging element modification as stated in the first sentence under 3.1? I suspect this is just a wording issue in that sentence.

Section 3.2
-       You define the Credential element but don't say what compliant implementations need to do.  I believe you should expand on the text to state:
        1)      Compliant implementations must be able to recognize and parse the 'Credential' element
        2)      Compliant implementations must be able to recognize and parse the Username Token element encoding and X.509 Certificate Token encoding defined in [WS-Security] and profiled in [WS-IBSP] when appearing as Credential-element content. (You should add refs for WS-Security and WS-I BSP.)
        3)      Compliant implementations MUST support either the Username or X.509 Token type as a file staging authentication credential, but MAY support both.
        4)      If an implementation does not recognize and/or support the type of credential conveyed in the Credential element, they MUST return an <UnsupportedFeatureFault> fault.

Section 3.3
-       References to the standards/specs defining FTP, HTTP, and SCP should be added so there is no question as to which protocol version was intended.
-       I'd remove the last sentence in this section and cover it in 3.2 per my comments above.

Section 3.5
-       It says "The later in particular may have different answered for the stage-in....".  Couple of typos here.  How about "The latter, in particular, may have different answers for the stage-in...."

Also, need to replace [insert names] in Contributors and Acknowledgements plus provide complete information for all normative references.

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>         This email announces the LAST CALL for the HPC File Staging
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> (ending on 2/11/08).
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