[ogsa-dmi-wg] OGSA-DMI Functional Specification 1.0 ready for final GFSG review

Michel Drescher Michel.Drescher at uk.fujitsu.com
Wed May 21 11:23:50 CDT 2008

Hi Greg, Chris, David and Erwin,

on behalf of the OGSA-DMI WG I am pleased to pass back the OGSA-DMI  
Functional Specification 1.0, draft 58, to the OGF GFSG for final  
review before publication as a Proposed Recommendation.

I have attached three documents.

Document 1 is draft 58 of the OGSA-DMI Functional Specification 1.0  
that incorporates all changes addressing public comments made.

Document 2 is an Excel-Sheet reorganising the public comments into  
individual items.

Document 3 is a PDF copy of document 2.

As Gridforge currently is in a fairly unstable condition  
unfortunately, we believe that the Excel-based approach sufficiently  
mimics the intended formal process of addressing each public comment  
item as tracker artefacts. Once Gridforge returns back to normal  
operation we are happy to transition the comments into tracker  
artefacts if you want us to.


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