[ogsa-dmi-wg] Proposed Specification Changes

Allen Luniewski luniew at us.ibm.com
Wed Feb 6 10:54:06 CST 2008

I am okay with these suggested changes.  I would note that if we make the
change from Status to State in then we should also change the text
in various places (e.g., 5.1.3) that talks about "status" to use "state"

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I know we've just tried to close the document down... but I've been doing a
bit of coding and have some suggested changes and documentation errors from
the implementation to date.

Hope these seem sensible.


Changes - Change the names in the DEPR (same semantics but clearer
AvailableProtocols --> DataLocations
Protocol -> Data (Attributes: Name -> Protocol & url -> DataUrl

requestDataTransferInstance -> GetDataTransferInstance

getFactoryAttributesDocument -> GetFactoryAttributesDocument

Add a fault: NoDataLocationsInEpr
Change NoTransferProtocolAggrementFault -> NoSourceSinkProtocolMatchFault (&
Change Status element to State element

Capitalise first letter of each state change operation

In the text we have a restart operation. In the state diagram we have a
resume operation and a resumed event. Something needs to be rationalized
here! Personally I prefer changing to the resume operation - restart to me
has a different meaning (going back to the beginning) while resume starts
mid-transfer after coming out of the suspended state.

getStatus -> GetState

Editorial Errors - cross referencing errors - ditto
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