[ogsa-dmi-wg] Proposed Specification Changes

Steven Newhouse Steven.Newhouse at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 6 01:03:24 CST 2008


I know we've just tried to close the document down... but I've been doing a bit of coding and have some suggested changes and documentation errors from the implementation to date.

Hope these seem sensible.


Changes - Change the names in the DEPR (same semantics but clearer meaning)
AvailableProtocols --> DataLocations
Protocol -> Data (Attributes: Name -> Protocol & url -> DataUrl

requestDataTransferInstance -> GetDataTransferInstance

getFactoryAttributesDocument -> GetFactoryAttributesDocument

Add a fault: NoDataLocationsInEpr
Change NoTransferProtocolAggrementFault -> NoSourceSinkProtocolMatchFault (&
Change Status element to State element

Capitalise first letter of each state change operation

In the text we have a restart operation. In the state diagram we have a resume operation and a resumed event. Something needs to be rationalized here! Personally I prefer changing to the resume operation - restart to me has a different meaning (going back to the beginning) while resume starts mid-transfer after coming out of the suspended state.

getStatus -> GetState

Editorial Errors - cross referencing errors - ditto

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