[ogsa-dmi-wg] Proposed Agenda for 11/07/2007 call

Steven Newhouse Steven.Newhouse at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 11 10:06:58 CDT 2007

- is there any advantage in embedding the DMI information inside the EPR as opposed to using additional DMI information in the SOAP header/body? If there is no clear advantage to either which method should we opt for - I get the impression that you advocate DMI info inside the EPR while Steven would prefer it outside.

Can I propose a third way.... the critical point is there needs to be information to be passed about. Lets capture that in a data structure. That information could be passed about as meta data in an EPR or it could come from other sources and be passed into the data transfer startup operation. That would not seem to need the EPR part of the data EPR - just the data.


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