[OGSA-BES-WG] Some type questions

Michel Drescher Michel.Drescher at uk.fujitsu.com
Sat Oct 28 02:18:40 CDT 2006

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Christopher Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm wondering about some of the element types in
> FactoryResourceAttributesDocumentType. Specifically, should
> LocalResourceManagerType and NamingProfile be changed to xsd:string? I guess
> I'm not sure whether to put QNames, or an "expanded name" (I believe it's
> called). 
> Should it be:
> <NamingProfile 
> xmlns:besnaming="http://schemas.ggf.org/bes/2006/08/bes/naming">
>     besnaming:BasicWSAddressing
> </NamingProfile>
> or
> <NamingProfile>
>     {http://schemas.ggf.org/bes/2006/08/bes/naming}BasicWSAddressing
> </NamingProfile>
> If it's supposed to be the second, then we can't use a QName, since it
> doesn't fit the proper syntax. I don't think there is an actual default type
> for expanded name, so xsd:string should suffice.

I saw things like
"http://schemas.ggf.org/bes/2006/08/bes/naming#BasicWSAddressing" and
having these things called "expanded QNames", if I'm not wrong.

However, I would vote for something similar to the first alternative (can't
recall now whether <NamingProfile/> is in the besnaming namespace or not)
as it leaves you or any tooling the freedom to declare namespaces (like the
besnaming) at any place or context where it fits.

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