[OGSA-BES-WG] BES schema/wsdl

Vivian Li Vivian.Li at uk.fujitsu.com
Thu Oct 26 04:40:34 CDT 2006

Its only a matter of convention, and, it surly make life easier when
talking about debug the tooling, (of course you can say this is out of
the scope for now), but for the long run, it is a better practice, and
the modification - only a cut/paste job.

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> From: Peter G. Lane [mailto:lane at mcs.anl.gov]
> Sent: 24 October 2006 16:55
> To: Vivian Li
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> Subject: Re: BES schema/wsdl
> I argued against this, actually, because the types that are in the
> don't have any applicability
> outside of the WSDL. That said, if the rest of the group thinks that
> convention is enough to
> overlook that, I'm not going to complain. We're trying to avoid large
> changes like this so we can
> release the spec for public review, so my vote would still be to leave
> alone regardless.
> Peter
> Vivian Li wrote:
> > Another suggestion while browsing the BES schema/wsdl, it might be
> > easier to maintain if the data types in the schema and the wsdl are
> > separated completely, e.g. move the "Message Types" in the schema
> > section from the wsdl to the schema file, it has been kind of
> > in all the other WGs.
> >
> > Vivian
> >

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