[OGSA-AUTHZ] Draft XACML/SAML Protocol Profile

Chad La Joie chad.lajoie at switch.ch
Mon Dec 3 08:54:40 CST 2007

For part of some EGEE work that I'm involved in I came up with a 
profile, in draft form currently, for the XACML over SAML protocol 
defined within the OASIS XACML working group.  Valerio suggested that I 
make it available to this working group for possible adoption in your 

The draft can be found here:

The basic goal of the document is to restrict possible options into a 
baseline subset such that discreet implementations might inter-operate. 
  I think Valerio's summary of the document, as follows, is good:
- requirement for using the SAML SOAP binding as in SAMLBind
- requirement for having mutual authentication between the requester and
the responder
- some requirements on the elements usage
- requirements on authN, integrity and confidentiality

Note this document is only about interoperability at the protocol level, 
it does not speak to the other necessary item here which is a profile 
for the information (attributes) within the XACML request/response 
context.  I know that individuals here have already been working on such 
a document.

Comments are welcome to the document.  We will be going forward with an 
immediate implementation of this draft for the EGEE work, but that 
should only be taken as a reflection of a constrained timeline for a 
short-term project, not as an indication that the profile is already as 
good as possible.

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