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Thank you Ann.

I was worried when I saw OGF2 and thought maybe we had gone back on our
commitment to numbering onwards from GGF18 - I was glad to see later
that this was a typo <((-:)


I find it disquieting that programme content will not be discussed at
this meeting. I thought we agreed in GGF18 that there would be a PC
meeting at SC06 to finalise the general form of the programme.  I cannot
see how responsibilities for doing things can be divorced from decisions
on what we are doing.  If we are investing so much time we should be
making definitive and binding decisions.  We should also be well
advanced in developing the programme.


See you there





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As a reminder, we are planning to hold our OGF2 Workshop during SC6 next
week. Logistics are as follows:


When: Tuesday, 14-Nov, 10am-2pm (with extended time until 4pm for
additional discussions)

Where: Hyatt Regency Tampa, Ybor Room (pronounced EE-BOR), second floor
(floorplan attached), located 4 blocks from the convention center.

Why: To discuss OGF20 details and come to clear consensus on
roles/responsibilities, etc. Program content will not be discussed at
this time.


For those of you who cannot attend this meeting in person, you may use
the following dial-in information:

Toll Free Dial-In Number (US & Canada): 1-866-875-2241
International Dial-In Number: +1-832 445-1174

Conference Code- 8755618


Strawman agenda: 

*       OGF20 Marketing/Branding

*       Roles/Responsibilities (Partners, OGF, etc.)

*       Business Model (risk/reward, fees, sponsorship model)

*       Program criteria


Coffee Breaks and lunch will be provided.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Looking forward to your participation next week,

Thank you,


Ann M. Collins
Program Manager, Events
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