[ggf-compute] Compute Area Call Today (25 Oct)

Marty Humphrey humphrey at cs.virginia.edu
Wed Oct 25 07:02:32 CDT 2006

Hi Stephen et al,

I can't make this call today, so here's the short note regarding the HPC
Profile WG.

The status of the WG is that we have produced our "HPC Basic Profile"
document. Our methodology all along was to create this document and then
refine it via interop testing. (That is, we believed that certain issues
would only appear when we REALLY tried to implement this). 

I am very happy to report that by using SC2006 as a "forcing function", our
group is making GREAT progress. The gridforge WIKI is being used to keep
track of the progress: 


We are working with OGF organizers to make a brochure for hand-out at SC2006
to advertise this effort.

Honestly, right now, we're focusing all of our group's efforts on this, so I
haven't thought that much about OGF19. We'll have a session, but I'm not
quite sure what specifically what we'll do (possibly a discussion of a
compliance doc for HPC P).


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Dear compute area chairs,

Today is the last Wednesday of the month, and the next
compute area call happens today, at 15:00 UTC (16:00 BST UK).
I make that 10:00 CDT (Chicago), and 17:00 CEST (Germany).
The call should last not more than 25 minutes.

Call details are as follows:

Primary Dial-in Number:  0844.888.8888 (UK) 
Alternate Dial-in Numbers:
 +44.870.088.5706   (For Callers Outside of the U.K.)  
 01805.004.102      (For Callers in Germany)  

Participant Access Code: 123654 

Organiser Access Code: *691994 (No-one should need this)

- Group Status Update
- OGF19 (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA 
         January 29 - February 2, 2007)
- Any Other Business

If you can't make the call, please send a short note.


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