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Edmonds, AndrewX andrewx.edmonds at intel.com
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My bad! Gah... Ralf next time feel free to reply with RTFM! :-)


BTW: personally, with working with REST I'd have preferred the operation on 
the resource as opposed to the resource related to the resource in question 
but none the less that's only a digression.

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Add/remove of Mixins is handled using PUT/DELETE at the location path of
the Mixin. See HTTP Rendering page 8 paragraph "Associate resource
instances with a Mixin" and "Unassociated resource instance(s) from a

The occi-py library implements this part of the specification. I basically
only use PUT on a resource to update attributes. Links (link-attributes,
removal, etc) I handle through the Link location itself.

I think the spec works fine as written. It is all up and running at
http://www.nyren.net/api/ so you are welcome to try it out =)

regards, Ralf

On Thu, 31 Mar 2011 17:28:44 +0200, Edmonds, AndrewX
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> I'd be interested to hear how people currently implement updates to their
> various OCCI resources. Currently in the spec, it says to perform a PUT
> and
> supply _only_ the attributes that need to be updated.
> This works and is clear in changing or adding items such as attributes or
> mixins. However what is not so clear to me is how to handle an update
> that
> removes a mixin from an existing resource (e.g. I want to remove IP
> networking capabilities).
> One solution I suggest would be that the section on updating a resource
> allow for updating using both POST and PUT. In this case POST can modify
> (i.e. replace) a _part_ of the resource e.g. a particular attribute. PUT
> can
> replace the whole resource _representation_ and in doing so support the
> removal of items like mixins.
> Comments?
> Andy

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