[occi-wg] Categories and Collections

Andre Merzky andre at merzky.net
Thu Oct 7 03:17:53 CDT 2010

Quoting [Gary Mazz] (Oct 07 2010):
> Great work adding tags into the collections.
> Adding tags may be  two edged sword. They allow "folksonomy" a path into 
> occi, but tags may be used by providers to represent technical aspects 
> of their infrastructure. This could be catastrophic for 
> interoperability. For example, a provider elects to use tags to 
> represent an OS instead of a template. As/if this practice continues, we 
> may end up with tags de jour, crippling interoperability and devaluing 
> formalized extensions.
> We can minimize the impact by limiting tag usage to informative 
> metadata, not impacting resource provisioning or operations. This would 
> encourage providers to use extensions and provide a taxonomy for 
> extension impacting interoperability.


One should check the use cases if this limitation is practical

Nothing is ever easy.

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