[occi-wg] Renaming the "Link" base type

Csom Gyula csom at interface.hu
Wed Oct 6 10:01:11 CDT 2010


Do you plan to add authorization support to the protocol? That is will OCCI handle users and
ownership information? Just because ownership means a "link" from a resource pointing to a 

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Tárgy: [occi-wg] Renaming the "Link" base type


It is easy to confuse the OCCI "Link" base type with HTTP "Link Header"
and the general term of linking.

Therefore it was proposed during today's conf call to rename the base type
"Link" to "ResourceLink". That way we let the name make clear what the
Link is used for, i.e. linking Resources.

Would appreciate your comments. Deadline is on Friday.

regards, Ralf

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