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Ralf Teckelmann (Ralf.Teckelmann@hs-furtwangen.de) Ralf.Teckelmann at hs-furtwangen.de
Wed Mar 31 09:28:36 CDT 2010

Hello everybody,
I have some little questions about the OCCI Model descripted in occi-core.pdf
and occi-infrastructure.pdf.
I'm looking at the abstract "levels" of this model at the moment.
This is what I got from these papers:
We have the resources as concrete entities at the lowest level in the tree.
These resource are grouped in categories. A Category belongs to a certain
scheme. And on the top of the Model is the "Root" allowing multiply schemes.
Or in a top-down way: / --> scheme (1..n) --> category (3..n)--> resource (0..n)
What I can't adept is:
Is it possible to have sub-categories within a category?
Let's say I want to build a little structure below the "Compute" category within
the (Standard) "Kinds" scheme. For example I have 2 different forms (avoiding
the word kinds) of computing resources I want to structure into 2
Can a resource be part of multiple categories?
Let's say I have a couple of resources, which are grouped under the "Compute"
category, but I also want them to have a place or appear below another category
of another scheme.
For example I want to have my own scheme reflecting my virtual infrastructure in
any way, so my VMs should appear in both schemes. In one as pure VMs and in the
other one for example in relation to other resources (e.g. as part of a
Best regards,
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