[occi-wg] Job/Scheduling parameters related to energy efficient scheduling in OCCI

Alexander Papaspyrou alexander.papaspyrou at tu-dortmund.de
Tue Mar 30 06:07:36 CDT 2010

You might want to take a look at the work done a few years ago in GSA-RG and recently in GRAAP-WG on this topic.

There is a document on "Scheduling Attributes" in the document store of GSA-RG, which specifies various attributes that you mentioned, and some. This might be a good starting point for taking up older, more or less abandoned work and follow up on the basis of a real use case.

Recently, GRAAP-WG has been working on an Advance Reservation profile for WS-Agreement, which basically is WS-* agnostic and just plain XML.

Let me know if you have problems to find the documents.

Also, I would welcome if you would cc: me, since scheduling-related issues are my key research area.


Am 29.03.2010 um 11:55 schrieb Mehdi Sheikhalishahi:

> Dear All:
> After "energy efficient scheduling in OCCI" presentation in OGF28, I
> am sending this message to introduce some Job/Scheduling parameters
> that can be incorporated into OCCI. According to the complexity of
> interface and requirements, all or some of these can be incorporated
> into the OCCI reference model.
> In Energy Efficient Scheduling, energy consumption for running all
> jobs is another metric to be optimized; an energy-aware scheduler
> reduces or minimizes energy consumption to run all jobs in a data
> center by considering other scheduling metrics. Contemporary modern
> processors offer a few important features to control energy
> consumption, e.g. cpuidle and Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling
> (DVFS, cpufreq).
> Here comes Job/Scheduling parameters and QoS metrics from user's perspective.
> hpc-workload characteristic: {io-intensive, cpu-intensive,
> memory-intensive}, useful for scheduling algorithms like Gang
> programming model: {serial, MPI, openmp, others}
> scheduling goal: {energy, performance}, which one should be optimized
> preemption: {yes,checkpoint,no}
> allocation type: {best-effort, advance-reservation, immediate,
> deadline}, type resource allocation for job
> arrival time:
> wait time:
> start time:
> real execution time:
> estimated execution time: required by Backfilling algorithms
> finish time:
> response time
> CPU time
> slowdown
> algorithm: main scheduling algorithm {aggressive-backfilling,
> conservative-backfilling, probabilistic-backfilling,
> lookahead-backfilling, fcfs, sjf, gang}
> frequency-list: a list of frequencies that a job can run with
> electricity: how much electricity is used to finish job
> heat: how much heat is generated during job execution
> suspension/resumption: suspension of Virtual Machine by scheduler
> After reviewing parameters related stuff, we will define new
> namespaces to cover these parameters.
> Any comments appreciated.
> Regards,
> Mehdi
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