[occi-wg] Occi resources without titles

gary mazzaferro garymazzaferro at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 15:06:16 CDT 2010

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the tip :)

The problem comes in if I have more than one of the same resource without a
title and I want to set the attribute or a link on only one of the
resources. In this case I have to address the issue at the category with a
more complicated update.


On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 1:34 PM, Edmonds, AndrewX <andrewx.edmonds at intel.com
> wrote:

> Hey Gary,
> In our implementation of OCCI we are not mandating the use of "title" nor
> making any dependencies on its value. I think the most appropriate method to
> identify the resource is using the kind type (your option 3). This is what
> we do; we associate the created resource with a kind category always, so
> making resource type identification relatively straight forward.
> Andy
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> Hi,
> In the current specification, we do not require a resource "title"
> attribute. However, in the examples, the specification show canonic
> serialized forms of resources, collections and kinds as a URI using
> identifiers that I interpret as the occi titles.
> How should we handle resources created without titles.
> I have a few suggestions:
> 1) Allow the provider to assign a resource name. Preferably using a
> scheme of Resource Identifier (storage, compute, network)  plus an
> number with scheme infinitely incrementing for a specific kind
> collection. ie Storage01, Storage02, Storage03. If "Storage02" is
> deleted, the new would be "Storage04".
> 2) Use the resource identifier until the title attribute is set.
> 3) Leave the title unset and use to resource kind to identify the resource.
> 4) Force an occi client to submit a resource title with each create
> action. This may be impractical if the provider creates resources for you.
> Number one is my favorite... other suggestion welcome..
> cheers,
> gary
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