[occi-wg] Occi resources without titles

Edmonds, AndrewX andrewx.edmonds at intel.com
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Hey Gary,
In our implementation of OCCI we are not mandating the use of "title" nor making any dependencies on its value. I think the most appropriate method to identify the resource is using the kind type (your option 3). This is what we do; we associate the created resource with a kind category always, so making resource type identification relatively straight forward.


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In the current specification, we do not require a resource "title" 
attribute. However, in the examples, the specification show canonic 
serialized forms of resources, collections and kinds as a URI using 
identifiers that I interpret as the occi titles.

How should we handle resources created without titles.

I have a few suggestions:

1) Allow the provider to assign a resource name. Preferably using a 
scheme of Resource Identifier (storage, compute, network)  plus an 
number with scheme infinitely incrementing for a specific kind 
collection. ie Storage01, Storage02, Storage03. If "Storage02" is 
deleted, the new would be "Storage04".

2) Use the resource identifier until the title attribute is set.

3) Leave the title unset and use to resource kind to identify the resource.

4) Force an occi client to submit a resource title with each create  
action. This may be impractical if the provider creates resources for you.

Number one is my favorite... other suggestion welcome..

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