[occi-wg] Job/Scheduling parameters related to energy efficient scheduling in OCCI

Mehdi Sheikhalishahi mehdi.alishahi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 04:55:36 CDT 2010

Dear All:

After "energy efficient scheduling in OCCI" presentation in OGF28, I
am sending this message to introduce some Job/Scheduling parameters
that can be incorporated into OCCI. According to the complexity of
interface and requirements, all or some of these can be incorporated
into the OCCI reference model.
In Energy Efficient Scheduling, energy consumption for running all
jobs is another metric to be optimized; an energy-aware scheduler
reduces or minimizes energy consumption to run all jobs in a data
center by considering other scheduling metrics. Contemporary modern
processors offer a few important features to control energy
consumption, e.g. cpuidle and Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling
(DVFS, cpufreq).

Here comes Job/Scheduling parameters and QoS metrics from user's perspective.

hpc-workload characteristic: {io-intensive, cpu-intensive,
memory-intensive}, useful for scheduling algorithms like Gang
programming model: {serial, MPI, openmp, others}
scheduling goal: {energy, performance}, which one should be optimized
preemption: {yes,checkpoint,no}
allocation type: {best-effort, advance-reservation, immediate,
deadline}, type resource allocation for job
arrival time:
wait time:
start time:
real execution time:
estimated execution time: required by Backfilling algorithms
finish time:
response time
CPU time
algorithm: main scheduling algorithm {aggressive-backfilling,
conservative-backfilling, probabilistic-backfilling,
lookahead-backfilling, fcfs, sjf, gang}
frequency-list: a list of frequencies that a job can run with
electricity: how much electricity is used to finish job
heat: how much heat is generated during job execution
suspension/resumption: suspension of Virtual Machine by scheduler

After reviewing parameters related stuff, we will define new
namespaces to cover these parameters.

Any comments appreciated.


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