[occi-wg] Cloud Lab Equipment

Hope Hines hope.hines at olocity.com
Mon Mar 1 12:09:23 CST 2010



If you are planning on contributing equipment for use in the Cloud Lab for
the joint OCCI/CDMI demonstrations, please feel out the attached Cloud Lab
Equipment spreadsheet with the information for the equipment your company is
contributing. I'm working with SNIA for setting up the lab, so need a list
of the equipment that will be included in the lab. 


Also if you already have equipment in the SNIA Technology Center that you
would like to use for the Cloud demonstrations, please list that equipment
too and what lab it is currently being used in so we can coordinate with
that lab i.e. SMI-Lab.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


Thank you,



Olocity Corporation

1767 Denver West BLVD Suite A

Golden, CO 80401

WK: 719-359-8898

Cell: 719-330-4685


 <mailto:Kurt.Krems at Olocity.com> Hope.Hines at olocity.com



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