[occi-wg] Delta Cloud

Csom Gyula csom at interface.hu
Wed Jun 30 02:10:20 CDT 2010

It seems interesting to me (though I'm an outsider here:))...

* The deltacloud domain is not yet as rich as OCCI's. That is no management for storage, 
   network, yet. Meanwhile it puts strong emphasis on virtual machine templates (or in
   deltacloud terms: 'hardware profiles') [1].
* Architecturally it follows a slightly different approach. Unlike OCCI which focuses on the 
   communication layer, deltacloud seems to support a 2-layered approach and focuses on 
   the API layer built on top of the communication layer [1,2]. Meanwhile it is not yet language- 
   agnostic: currently it only supports Ruby [1]. The whole thing (the architectural concept) 
   remembers me libvirt (another RedHat lib) [3].

* Since RedHat recently submitted the library to Apache it might gain popularity. [4]

* Another interesting thing is that OpenNebula's deltacloud driver is built on top of OCCI [5].



[1] http://deltacloud.org/client-ruby.html (Ruby API)
[2] http://deltacloud.org/api.html (REST)
[3] http://libvirt.org/
[4] http://incubator.apache.org/projects/deltacloud.html
[5] http://deltacloud.org/drivers.html#h2_5

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Tárgy: [occi-wg]  Delta Cloud

Just wondering if folks have been following Delta Cloud.  I was
introduced to it today and look at it briefly - looks interesting.
- Michael (R2AD)

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