[occi-wg] OCCI documents and IPR

Joel Replogle replogle at ogf.org
Thu Jun 24 12:00:40 CDT 2010

Dear OCCI Working Group,
Following recent emails, I would like to assure the OCCI Working Group
and all contributors that the documents that have been produced by
OCCI in accordance with OGF policies do indeed retain the OGF IPR.

OGF IPR Policy protects every contributor by ensuring that all
contributions have been made in good faith in the spirit of open
collaboration with up-front disclosure of any licensing encumbrances.
It also protects implementors so that implementations may be made 
with confidence based on persistent specifications which will have 
neither content nor licensing changed retroactively.  These protections
are clearly identified in OGF's IPR Policy, and are explicitly agreed 
to whenever someone contributes to OGF work by opening a GridForge 
account, joining an OGF mailing list, or attending an OGF working group 
session by phone or in person.  The full policy may be found here:

If anyone has patent claims or other encumbrances to their
individually contributed portions that were not disclosed at the time
of contribution, please contact me, the OGF Executive Director.  Note
that I have received no such communications to date, nor were any
objections raised during the open Public Comment period of the group's

Additionally, I would like to congratulate the OCCI-WG on the very
well-received demo at OGF29 and look forward to your continued success 
in support of the OGF mission.  Well done!



Joel Replogle              Executive Director, OGF
replogle at ogf.org           http://www.ogf.org
PO Box 1738                T: +1-765-228-9068
Muncie, IN 47308 USA       F: +1-815-927-6284

Upcoming Events: 
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OGF30 * October 25-29, 2010 * Brussels * www.ogf.org/OGF30

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