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Geoffrey Fox gcf at indiana.edu
Thu Jun 17 19:33:56 CDT 2010

I didn't see anything but a bit of sour grapes in Sam's blog. I would 
just  :-)  and ignore it

Steven Newhouse wrote:
> This is perhaps one of the saddest days in the many years that OGF/GGF has acted as an umbrella for standards collaboration. As a community, we have never had to deal with a situation where an individual has repeatedly chosen to act in a divisive manner, ignoring the wishes and contributions of the majority of their colleagues in a working group, and ignoring the processes and rules that they themselves signed up to when they began contributing.
> This situation is not really about standards or about the rights and wrongs of IP policies, where cloud standards should evolve or whatever.  It's about trust.  It's about trusting your working group members to respect their colleagues and their colleagues' contributions and opinions, it's about trusting that someone will adhere to the express commitments they made when they joined the community.
> The chairs of the OCCI working group, and lots of members of the OGF community, have, on many occasions worked with Sam to try and achieve our shared goal of a well defined and implemented OCCI specification.  This work is of fundamental importance to the OGF community and to the broader cloud community.  Sam's contributions have been exceptional, but this specification is, and will be, the result of team work, of contributions ranging from active writing of the content, to debate about it that improves its quality, to implementation and so forth.  This work is the result of the labours of many, no matter how great the contribution of one.  It is the community that validates the work, that ensures its quality and that results in implementations.  That community is the OCCI Working Group.  It is not Sam Johnston.
> There are many imperfections in any and all communities or organisations, including OGF.   But OGF remains one of the easiest within which to work, to collaborate, to validate and to implement.  Sam has decided that it is not for him, which is his right, and which we respect.  Regrettably the chairs of the group, with the unanimous approval and support of the community's elected leaders, have decided that Sam can no longer act as secretary of the working group.  He has become impossible to work with.  Nonetheless we thank him whole heartedly for his contributions, in spite of this situation.  And, should he wish to continue to collaborate under the same set of rules that he and the rest of the working group signed up to when they joined, he will be most welcome.
> In the meantime the OCCI working group will continue, as will its work.  We will do what is required to move our specification forward and we expect to reengage many past contributors who had found engagement difficult.  The OGF community's leaders continue to stand in full support of the OCCI working group chairs, the working group they help lead and the work that this group undertakes.
> Let's move on!
> Steven Newhouse
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