[occi-wg] OGF event next week.

Thijs Metsch tmetsch at platform.com
Mon Jun 14 02:15:02 CDT 2010

Hi @all,

OGF 29 will take place next week in Chicago, IL. The complete schedule
can be found here:


Monday will be extremely interesting - First of all there is a session
with presentation about the cloud demos. Following that is our group
session. Since this OGF is more a working event I will present the
status and present some points which are open for discussion. If you
want to present too - feel free to ping me. 

But probably most interesting is the Monday night Welcome reception
where the actual cloud-demo will take place - And thanks to several
people we can present a OCCI/CDMI joint demo! So thanks again to all the
people who worked on the demo.

Other then this I'm looking forward to meet some of you next week!



Thijs Metsch
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