[occi-wg] Latest rednering of the documents

Thijs Metsch tmetsch at platform.com
Wed Jun 9 02:18:17 CDT 2010

Hi @all,

I attached the latest PDF rendering of the 3 documents of the OCCI spec
which I will submit to the OGF editor for a final review in one week. So
please review closely. It includes the Core & models, Infrastructure and
a HTTP header rendering document.

These 3 documents form a base which is implementable and which we can
build upon in future. Next state of the documents will be 'proposed
recommendation' - if we then show 2 interoperable implementations the
docs can get the full recommendation state.

As said - If no major issues will be found in the upcoming week - I will
submit the docs so they can be ready and out in public by next OGF. 

The XHTML5/RDFa doc is still work in progress and because of the massive
amount of changes probably will need to go to another public comment
phase. I hope to see some discussions on the list soon. The people in
the background are already thinking about stuff and it sounds

Putting the first 3 docs out as proposed recommendations doesn't mean we
are ready. There is so much to do (How to model collections of VMs,
maybe PaaS/SaaS, Tasks, collaborations (Push the spec!), work on
implementations, cloud-demos, marketing, refinements etc.) - so we are
more than happy if you can help us regarding any of these topics - or
even other ones! And as always there will probably be a version 1.1 of
the spec - so let's keep it going :-)



Thijs Metsch
Senior Software Engineer Grid and Cloud Technology
Platform Computing GmbH
Europaring 60
D-40878 Ratingen

http://www.nohuddleoffense.de/ - http://www.twitter.com/befreax

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