[occi-wg] please read: OCCI F2F meeting

Michele Orrù michele.orru at cnaf.infn.it
Thu Oct 29 06:41:36 CDT 2009

We're really interesting to come and share our thoughts on some 
requirements we have.
Have you any more information about the location, the exact date and so on?

Thanks you Thijs

Michele Orru'
> Hi,
> I'm very happy to announce our first OCCI hands-on meeting. We (the
> chairs) picked November 20, 2009 for our first OCCI F2F meeting. If a
> lot of people cannot make it: the backup date is December 4, 2009.
> Although we would prefer Nov. 20 over Dec. 4.
> This meeting will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I will send
> around details soon.
> Assuming that the F2F meeting will be a full-day meeting (9am till 5pm)
> we could do the following during the day:
> 1 get together
> 2 hands-on working session for the OCCI specification
> 3 open discussions/issues walktrough
> 4 format/rendering discussions
> Goal is to get the Specification ready and to reach consensus on the the
> rendering/format. We will provide a dial-in for the afternoon part
> (3&4). Also feel free to suggest more agenda topics!
> Thanks to Thilo Kielmann from UvA and Andre Merzky who are helping
> organizing this.
> All the best,
> -Thijs

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