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Thu Oct 29 06:10:43 CDT 2009

Why not just use libvirt? It is already there, controls all VM systems
and has all the requisite parts.


Sam Johnston wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 6:15 AM, Andre Merzky <andre at merzky.net
> <mailto:andre at merzky.net>> wrote:
>     Quoting [Sam Johnston] (Oct 29 2009):
>     >
>     > Further to my last mail I've spent a few hours tonight roughing up the
>     > [1]occi.js Javascript library ([2]test dump page) based on a proof of
>     > concept script by Mike Kelly. I'm not sure how rich we want the
>     > programmer API to be, or whether it should just be primatives (I'm
>     more
>     > leaning towards the latter for simplicity/flexibility) but what's sure
>     > is that it should be consistent across whatever client libraries we
>     > produce.
>     Sure, client API consistency for multiple implementations is great,
>     but I think that an API specification is out of scope for the group
>     at the moment.  IMHO, the group should start to tackle it once the
>     core, and at least some extensions are fully specified.
> You are, of course, absolutely right. In fact writing client code in
> general is outside of the scope but it's good for consistency (acting as
> a poor-man's test suite) and both helps our users and enhances the
> standard. If we're writing code at all it may as well be consistent, and
> support by other adaptors like libcloud, deltacloud & simplecloud would
> also be useful. Mike & I have just got the ball rolling on this one -
> Mike or someone else interested in Javascript can take it from here.
>     Nice stuff though :-)
> Thanks.
> Sam
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