[occi-wg] please read: OCCI F2F meeting

Thijs Metsch Thijs.Metsch at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 28 05:15:20 CDT 2009


I'm very happy to announce our first OCCI hands-on meeting. We (the 
chairs) picked November 20, 2009 for our first OCCI F2F meeting. If a 
lot of people cannot make it: the backup date is December 4, 2009. 
Although we would prefer Nov. 20 over Dec. 4.

This meeting will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I will send 
around details soon.

Assuming that the F2F meeting will be a full-day meeting (9am till 5pm) 
we could do the following during the day:

1 get together
2 hands-on working session for the OCCI specification
3 open discussions/issues walktrough
4 format/rendering discussions

Goal is to get the Specification ready and to reach consensus on the the 
rendering/format. We will provide a dial-in for the afternoon part 
(3&4). Also feel free to suggest more agenda topics!

Thanks to Thilo Kielmann from UvA and Andre Merzky who are helping 
organizing this.

All the best,


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