[occi-wg] Horizontal & vertical scalability in the cloud

Alexander Papaspyrou alexander.papaspyrou at tu-dortmund.de
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Just as a side note: finding such a unit is an open research problem  
for the last twenty or so years. So I wouldn't bet on finding such a  
thing in the near future -- and arguably not within OCCI.


Am 26.10.2009 um 11:05 schrieb Sam Johnston:

> On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 6:44 AM, Randy Bias  
> <randyb at cloudscaling.com> wrote:
> This is hard.  CPU 'clock cycles' are not equivalent.  This is why  
> Amazon uses a very specific processor and year to create their ECU.   
> The 2007 1.2Ghz processors all road on 800Mhz FSBs, which limited  
> the amount of memory bandwidth (among other things).  Whereas modern  
> CPUs and the much better/faster busses of today mean that you can  
> feed the CPU much faster.
> Now this is relevant because there was some contention (for reasons  
> unknown) over the inclusion of quantitative measurements of  
> performance characteristics such as memory bandwidth. Surely if some  
> providers (or individual nodes) are using slow RAM, buses, storage  
> devices, etc. then as a consumer I should be able to find out about  
> it and/or set parameters on it? Conversely if I have an application  
> that requires ridiculously fast storage (say, SSD) then I should be  
> able to request this based on raw performance figures (the "what"  
> rather than the "how").
> My point isn't that you shouldn't do it, it's simply that it's tricky.
> If I had to make a recommendation it would be to baseline off of the  
> Amazon ECU.
> Interesting idea but surely that too is a moving target? Would it  
> not also favour Intel over AMD (or vice versa)? Having a standard  
> unit to measure against is an interesting idea, like the standard  
> kilogram, and perhaps it's something that could be built from  
> commodity components.
> Sam
> On Oct 25, 2009, at 7:56 PM, Sam Johnston wrote:
>> I think you've touched on an interesting point there which ties in  
>> to the "need" for a universal compute unit
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