[occi-wg] Horizontal & vertical scalability in the cloud

Gary Mazz garymazzaferro at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 21:22:06 CDT 2009

'horizontal' and 'vertical' dials is a good idea to define.

@Andy,  I'm a little confused on the definition of horizontal 
saleability. Aren't the cpus in a single operating image a vertical 
workload capacity much like the amount RAM . If the number of images 
scaled, that would be horizontal because there is no necessity for the 
images to be the same workload set.

I would prefer to see the dials tied to a standard "meter of work". An 
efficiency metric instead of an "equivalence" of cpu count and ghz and 
RAM amount. Juggling these dials may not be as effectual as the consumer 
perceives when a provider decide to throttle back performance and starts 
dropping workload requests. Without a referenced  "effective workload" 
metric, it may be tough to ascertain if the dials effect anything, other 
than the charge to the customer.


Randy Bias wrote:
> On Oct 25, 2009, at 5:38 PM, Sam Johnston wrote:
>> A better approach to scalability is to have a single object which you 
>> can both adjust the resources of (vertical scalability) and adjust 
>> the number of instances of (horizontal scalability). That is, you 
>> start a single instance with 1 core and 1Gb, then while it's running 
>> you crank it up to 2 cores and 2Gb. Eventually you max out at say 8 
>> cores and 16Gb so you need to go horizontal at some point. Rather 
>> than create new unlinked instances the idea is that you would simply 
>> adjust the 
> I agree.  This is the future.  Dials for 'horizontal' and for 
> 'vertical', probably attached to a given tier of an application.
> Just as an FYI, I think 'scale-up' VMs are going to be more and more 
> common.  We'll see VMs with a *lot* more RAM and cores very soon now. 
>  Most of the modern OSes handle hotplug of CPU/RAM pretty well.
> Best,
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