[occi-wg] A few important clarifications...

Sam Johnston samj at samj.net
Thu Oct 22 02:32:52 CDT 2009

Morning all,

I wanted to write to you quickly to clarify a few random but important
points following my having been accused of "fraud and negligence",
"misrepresentation", "anarchy" and various other unsavoury things in
(mostly) off-list threads.

   - I have no agenda beyond making open cloud a reality. Before you go
   accusing me of anything take a second to remind yourself that I represent
   enterprise end users, don't have a "horse in this race" and ultimately just
   want to deliver the highest quality API possible, as soon as possible so we
   have something to "sell". My only vested interest is that I've now spent
   well over €100,000 of my own time into OCCI and want to see it a success.
   - I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen, but I don't plan to die
   Recently I've been working through 03h38 every day (when the Internet at the
   company apartment goes down for a multiple-hour reboot) and am at it again
   before 7. What that means is that you can expect me to be somewhat more zen
   going forward - if you troll I'll treat you like a troll and likely
   encourage others to do the same. Same applies if you present arguments that
   cannot be proven or disproven, dodge the point, or otherwise fail to take us
   - Nothing has been "publicly represented as unilaterally adopted by this
   group" and likely nothing will be for some time to come. Whenever I talk
   about our work in public I use terms like "the current thinking" or "my
   preferred approach". You should do the same until *at least* such time as we
   have a complete draft which has been accepted by the group and submitted to
   the OGF pipeline for public comment.
   - While "informally consensus is considered to be the absence of
   sustained intense reasonable resistance", there can be no consensus if there
   is no proposal. We're working slightly differently from the IETF, where
   contributors work alone or in small groups to develop Internet-Drafts which
   are then refined by committee, but we need to be able to work efficiently
   and quickly and don't have the resources (e.g. time) to discuss every point
   in detail.
   - We don't vote. We're not a membership organisation and anyone can join
   at any time - as such it is impossible to hold "fair" ballots like our more
   traditional counterparts such as DMTF (where a $12k membership gets you a
   vote that is very valuable in terms of influencing the outcome).
   - We're open and transparent so unless you have a damn good reason for
   taking/keeping your topic off-list then please resist the urge to do so. If
   you do have something (e.g. your identity) that you want to keep secret then
   I'll respect your privacy but don't be surprised if I ask you if it really
   needs to stay off-list (yes, I'll ask first).
   - Instead we seek consensus which means we thrash out issues on the list
   with a view to finding the best way forward. Try to keep the discussions
   focused and provided this is done properly we won't have to revisit
   decisions. The chairs act as umpires, calling the consensus where necessary,
   and there is an escalation path through the OGF channels (which I hope we
   won't have to use).
   - I'm busy pulling information and ideas from many sources to create a
   sufficiently complete proposal as to allow us to *start* building consensus.
   If there is some aspect you don't like then the single best way to be heard
   is to prepare a "camera ready" alternative *yourself* and explain
   specifically and in detail why it's superior. That is to say, if you want
   something done and know how to do it then you have both the motive and means
   to do it yourself. I don't have to like your idea for it to achieve
   consensus but I'm not a "work for hire" resource for realising ideas I don't
   agree with.

As always I am available to discuss whatever's concerning you; OCCI, the
process, getting involved, accessing the repository, the weather... both on-
and off-list, by phone/skype/chat, as you want, generally between 7am and
midnight CEST.

Anyway I've got to go get me one of these Magic Mouses as my trackpad just
died a day out of warranty, but after that let's get back to work.


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