[occi-wg] Some (thankyou) thoughts from OGF27

Sam Johnston samj at samj.net
Wed Oct 21 04:11:17 CDT 2009


I've attached the
my talk in the second
session <http://www.ogf.org/gf/event_schedule/index.php?id=1765> as well.

It gives a good overview of where our work stands today and covers some of
the design decisions we've made along the way.



On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 1:41 AM, Thijs Metsch <Thijs.Metsch at sun.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> as said OGF27 was great. The session turned out to be visited pretty
> good (another Cloud session was in parallel - that doesn't help much)
> But we had around 65-70 people aboard.
> Attached are some photos from the sessions. Also from the closing
> remarks done by Craig who had OCCI also on his presentation. OCCI also
> appeared on many other slides of people who I didn't know :-) So that is
> good for us!
> If you wanna know who is on the photos feel free to ask. Among them is
> Craig Lee (while talking in the OCCI sessions - thumbs up :-) and of
> cause the attendees in the room!
> You can find the slides of all presentations here:
> http://ogf.org/gf/event_schedule/index.php?id=1742
> Thanks again to all of you for making this happen,
> -Thijs
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